How to Mount Your Photos and Artwork Using the Hinging Method

How to Mount Using the Hinging Method

The hinging method is a fast and effective way to mount your prints. We recommend this method as it is simple and fast to learn and use, for beginners to experts. We also recommend to use the Lineco Hinging Method, it's a known world-class hinging tape that will surely protect your mat and artwork.

You can easily purchase it from here:
Lineco is one of our favorite brands and go-to for art supplies, they are all made in the USA with top-notch high quality archival material. We get the best deals just for you all!

Below, we have a step-by-step method on how to hinge-mount your artwork. Check out our video for a visual tutorial.

Supplies you will need: 
  1. A matboard 
  2. A backing board or foam board
  3. Hinging tape (our favorite is the Lineco Linen Hinging tape as it is archival quality and inexpensive)
  4. Scissors
Step 1: Place your mat face down and your backing board adjacent to your mat. Make sure to align them evenly.

Step 2: Grab your hinging tape, and cut a strip measuring the length of your mat board

Step 3: Roll the tape towards you by using one finger to pull the tape away from the strip for use, and place the strip, adhesive side down, along the area where your mat and backing board meet. 

Step 4: Place your print in the middle of your backing board, using the mat window to adjust it for optimal viewing. 

Step 5: Attach your print to the backing board using the T-Hinge. 
  1. Creating your T-Hinge: Cut 4 smaller strips of the tape. Cut those strips in half, and remove the tape from the strips. Place the stick side of one piece on the top of the stick side of the other piece, creating a T and you can now position the long side of the T to the back of your print and then secure it to the backing board. 

Step 6: As an optional step, the mat may be secured to the backing board in a more permanent way using double sided tape. 
  1. As with the hinging tape, measure your double sided tape to fit the mat. 
  2. Pull the strip toward you and lay flat, sticky side up, onto the backing. 
  3. Roll the strip toward you, pulling gently to ensure the adhesive stays on the backing board. 
  4. Close the mat, press firmly down, and the mat is now secure. 
You can also finish off the presentation with a clear bag to preserve the artwork and gives it a more finished look. 

Watch Our Video for a Visual Tutorial

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